opi co | Integrity Assessment and Detailed Project Scheme
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Integrity Assessment and Detailed Project Scheme

Every aging offshore field has its own leading parameters and concerns in order to be transformed into a condition with agreeable safety levels. OPIC commences every project by understanding these parameters. A preliminary assessment of platforms integrity and safety issues in different aspects is done by going through existing engineering documents and the insight achieved through general visual inspection of platform.  In-line with this engineering point of view, the legal aspect of platforms integrity which includes their certification and insurance coverage – as operator’s responsibility – could be checked, upon request of the operator.

Based on collected information, OPIC prepares a scheme with all tasks which are required for integrity enhancement of platforms. This includes indicating the extent and level of required survey/inspection, the areas in which the platforms require upgrade (structural, process, fire safety, etc.), required engineering tasks for every field of upgrade, etc.

The outcome of this part in fact will be a document tentative reporting required steps to be taken for integrity upgrade of platform. This preliminary stage may reduce the operators cost significantly by limiting the scope of work merely to necessary jobs.