opi co | Engineering Simulation and Design
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Engineering Simulation and Design

One of OPIC’s major capacities is computation simulation of platforms with a range of software (SACS, SESAM, ANSYS, ABAQUS, etc.). OPIC prepares simulation of platform based on available drawings, survey, etc. which gives involved engineers a thorough insight about the current condition of the platform and its strength subjected to different loads and phenomena.

OPIC conducts the following assessments of offshore platforms through simulation:

  • In-place analysis
  • Push-over analysis
  • Boat impact / Fire / Blast safety analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Stress analysis / strength assessment with ABAQUS / ANSYS for exceptional design loads

The insight acquired thorough simulation helps OPIC to design platform upgrade / strengthening in a much optimized mode which reduces the costs significantly. OPIC engineers are well equipped with design tools and aware of new upgrade / strengthening methods.

It is noteworthy to highlight that later on engineers from Operator Company, other consultants, third parties, etc. could use the simulation to assess any extension, modification, etc. projects.