opi co | Consulting services for Certification and Insurance of Platforms
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Consulting services for Certification and Insurance of Platforms

Certification and insurance of platforms has become a major issue within responsibilities of offshore Operators. In fact it is the safety and integrity condition of platform which leads to its certification by third parties. Integrity condition and resulting certification has a major impact on the insurance contract and the premium the Operator is to pay. More importantly, in the event of damage the first issue that insurance companies look into is integrity condition of the asset prior to storm. The judgement about this issue by the insurance company determines the amount of damage claim paid, if any. Therefore certification of platforms is utmost importance for Operator’s sustainable development and financial security.

OPIC has an extensive experience in the field offshore platforms certification. As Operator’s consultant our work goes hand-in-hand with the third party of choice. OPIC prepares an extensive report on different aspects of platform integrity which is provided to the third party. This is prepared by conducting detailed analysis and upgrade design of platform, mentioning all required measures which are to be taken. Once the report is reviewed, the third party’s technical queries are responded until all the concerns are resolved and certification is issued.

OPIC consulting services may also support the Operators and Contractors for their insurance contract and particularly claims. OPIC is experienced in the field of preparing damage claims and preparing due engineering justification reports. On the other hand, OPIC is ready to act as Insurance companies’ consultant to adjust and verify the technical aspects of the raised claims by Operator / Contractor companies.